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Why “Do it Yourself” Websites are Bad

We come upon them all of the time… we search for a local business; finally find what we’re looking for and the website we navigate to is ugly, useless and incomplete. We think to ourselves “they tried to do it on their own.”
Hey can you blame them? I just used Google to search for “web designer” and right up there on the very top of the page is “Free Website.” It’s human nature right? “You can’t beat free!” Well when it comes to your business identity maybe you should ask yourself, can I afford free?

Let’s look at some pros and cons…

  • It’s Free (well, sorta)
  • You can do it yourself
  • Ummm…

  • Nothing good is really free
  • You probably know nothing about web design, HTML, SEO, CMS, search engines, etc.
  • You may not get your own domain name
  • Search rankings may suffer suffer (see above)
  • Functionality will be limited and/or restricted
  • Product support will be poor to non-existent
  • Potential customers will notice your “attempt” and move on

These are a couple of my “con’s” I’d like to expand on…

Nothing good is really free

Nobody is just going to give you space on their server and let you do whatever you want without some sort of compensation. They are going to advertise on your site or something to make up the revenue and for a cost (usually greater than market value) to get you for domain subscriptions and “premium features”—which aren’t really premium at all.


Potential customers will notice your “attempt” and move on

Weather it is the design or the content, many of the included templates in these free services are dated. Will potential customers wonder if you’re still in business? Did you put in enough time on you project to cover all of the bases and pull all of those “coming soon” and under construction .gifs we used to see in the 90’s?

So many more people go to the web first to research a company or product, so their first impression of your company is your website. If your site is a stinker; customers will most likely move on because the information they want is not available or easily accessible, worse they lose trust in what you are offering/providing. This is what I think is the biggest risk—losing a customer that was in your hand (and subsequently costing you money).


Why a Pro?
  • It doesn’t really cost that much. Usually for a few hundred dollars a firm such as ours (cough, cough) can have you up and running is a few days.
  • We can set you up with your own domain, a hosting account and email.
  • We know about web design, HTML, SEO, CMS, search engines, and more. This will allow us to help build your online profile properly, the first time.
  • Support will be great! Why? Because we want you to recommend us to your friends—we’re a small business just like you.
  • This is what we do! When your car needed a new transmission, did you repair it yourself?

At the end of the day, the decision is up to the business owner, but it never hurts to ask; reach out to professionals and see what they can do for your business or risk unnecessarily hurting your brand.

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