Social Media & Disasters

Social Media is an excellent way to get and pass-on information during an emergency as telephone lines may become congested or not function during a storm.

Twitter, Facebook and other social networks have been used for everything from fundraising to reaching people who are trapped, from communicating with rescue workers and the power company to letting family members know that their loved ones are safe and sound. It is also a great source of information for emergency information from agencies in the area. Social media has helped people in ways traditional resources couldn’t.

The University of San Francisco’s Online Masters of Public Administration program recently released an infographic called “Social Media: The New Face of Disaster Response.” The infographic goes into more detail about how social media has been used in specific disaster response situations, and serves as strong evidence as to why it should continue to be used in the future.

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Infographic via: University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration; image via Houston Office of Emergency Management

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