Purchasing a Domain Name

The first step in creating a website is choosing a domain name to represent your business or service. The first question I usually get is “Where should I register?” followed by “How much does it cost?”—both excellent questions. Here are a couple of things to consider.

Select an Appropriate Domain Name: According to Whois Source there are over 108 million registered .com addresses. So picking out the perfect name may be a little tricky. It is my opinion that you should have a dot-com—it is after all the most popular and common TLD and the extension that folks always “try” when attempting to look up your business.pawtucket-ale
Select a name that is easy to remember and easily associated with your business, brand, product or service. For example if you owned the Pawtucket Patriot Ale company, PawtucketAle.com would be a great place to start, in a case like this you’d also want to register PawtucketPatriotAle.com and firmly secure your brand identity.
Other brands may not have it that easy, Like “Main Street Designs.”

Select a Registrar: You’ll pay the registrar to secure your desired domain name. There are hundreds of companies that do this, some more popular than others. I like to keep my eggs in one basket so I like to choose a registrar with that will be hosting my site. With that said, not all of the domain names I control are all with the same registrar—just lazy I guess. Others may not care or prefer to keep them separate. It is all up to you.


We recommend Host 23 — it’s our company and we stand behind the reliability of the servers and the ease of its hosting control panel, further domains go for as little as $7 and hosting starts at $36 per year.




While other companies like GoDaddy and NetworkSoloutions offer Registration and hosting. They are more suited to folks who just want a free-be site; thier hosting plans are often overprices and lack the speed even the most common web applications like WordPress require.


Your domain name going forward…

OK, you purchased your domain name and your website is up and running, here are a couple of more things to consider:


Monitor Your Traffic & Trends: Now that you have a domain name it is important to continue to monitor how customers are finding you.
Some years ago eToys.com found that they were loosing numerous visits to completely unrelated eToy.com. The sued (even though etoy.com existed long before they did), things got ugly and they lost. The point is, if users are misspelling your domain, dropping or adding an “s” it may be in your best interest to add another domain and point it to the URL that you market.


A Short URL: Is your domain name particularly long? Sometimes a shorter url can be a great alternative when posting or sending someone a link. For example, here is the url to our request a quote page –> https://the23co.com/web-and-graphic-design-services/request-a-quote/ Here is the shorter one: http://the23.co/12E6NCg . I use a service for the shortening so it was really easy to set up. If you find yourself sending a lot of links back and fourth, perhaps a shorter url is for you.


Register for Years: Search engines like Google feel that serious business owners register their domain names for multiple years whereas spammers do not. If your budget allows, register your domain name(s) for more than the one-year default and take advantage of the trust that it implies. An additional bonus is that most registrars offer discounts for multi-year renewals.


Tell Us…

Are you thinking about purchasing a domain name or Have you recently? What questions did you or do you have about the process? Tell us in the comments—we’d love to hear them.
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