Gettin Stickbow Close

Seeking to grow their Traditional Archery Hunting & Outdoors brand by attracting sponsors and marketing, Steve Stivaly of Gettin Stick Bow Close, chose The 23 Company to completely redesign his website.


It was important that basic maintenance and inventory control could be handled in-house. A WordPress CMS was chosen with a modern responsive template that incorporates a customized forms for a simple, cut-and-dry e-commerce solution.


About Gettin Stickbow Close

We strive to stay true to the core values of the fathers of modern bowhunting. Fred Bear, Glenn St. Charles, and many other pioneers of our great sport believed in the principles of fair chase, ethics, and sportsmanship in bowhunting. They also paved the way by lobbying for archery seasons and promoting bowhunting every where they went.

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