Roxbury Garagesale

Event Website & Landing Page

The 23 Company, a member of the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce, offered our services to create a logo and a simple website——solution for the inaugural Town-wide Garage Sale fundraising effort of the chamber and local economic development committee.

The site provides information to residents so that they can register as a seller (via PayPal) as well as provide information to shoppers on the day of the event.


2014 Update

Relaunched in 2014—on a content management platform—the garage sale website now has the ability to morph into three websites with a click of the mouse—all depending on the event is currently being advertised.

More importantly, management of customer inquiries and registrations has been completely streamlined through interactive froms to ease the workload of Chamber volunteers and staff.

About The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce

The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the citizens of Roxbury by providing a forum for local businesses to exchange ideas and information as well as creating a voice for business owners in the local community. Our initiatives and programs help to contribute to the economic success of our community.

Visit or for more information.

For information about the garage sale, please visit


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