When to Redesign Your Site

How Do You Know When it’s Time to Redesign Your Website?

How do you know when it’s the right time to redesign your website? Hint: if you haven’t done so since 2001, that time is probably now.

Even websites that were once popular and successful can become ineffective and outdated quickly. The Web changes constantly, and, at one point or another, your website will have to be redesigned. But how do you know when to invest the time and money into new Web design?

Listed below are the telltale signs of a website in need of redesign. Consider your own site — as well as others you see daily — and look for these symptoms of an obsolete website. Noticing these problems in other websites is easier than seeing them in your own, but it will help you to identify ways to improve design in the future.


1. An outdated appearance

The website looks old. But it’s only a year old. Why does this happen and what can you do to change it?

Website aesthetics and designs evolve; this evolution is more complicated than just what Web viewers think is good. Users get used to a certain aesthetic based on improvements in design, function and visual trends. For example, older websites were filled with information and links, covering every piece of white space. Unfortunately, it was sloppy and viewers became lost. Design evolves with functionality. If your website looks old, it’s a good indicator your website can be improved.


2. Cluttered or obsolete features

Trial and error go a long way in Web design. Some features will be used often while others will go unused from the minute they appear on your site. If certain features on your website were popular once but are now ignored, get rid of them or improve their functionality. It’s better to have a clean site than one with unused features.


3. Irrelevant content

“Kill your darlings” is a phrase often used by editors to weed out unnecessary content. It means you should remove needless text and words, even if you still value them. It takes a critical eye, but we become oblivious to irrelevant content and need to cut old, ineffective text and images in favor of better design or new content. Users become bored with sites if the content is old. If you see a decrease in traffic, it might mean your content isn’t fresh for visitors any longer.


4. Traffic has declined

This problem might be related to bad content, outdated design or ineffective promotion. Regardless, if traffic to your site has declined, it’s a good indicator that you should consider a redesign for your website. Often, contacting and working with Web design companies can help you pinpoint and identify exactly why your site has lost traffic.


5. Static site

If your site doesn’t respond to the growing range of devices beyond laptops or desktops, fix it. Users now access sites on smartphones, desktops and everything in-between. Update your website frequently to keep up with the influx of new devices and technology.


6. Your website isn’t generating business

If you witness a decline or halt in sales generated by your website, you know you need to redesign. It’s a daunting experience, but it’s also a chance for your company to see real improvement in its online presence. The options and improvements available to your website might make you rethink and imagine new goals for your business as a whole.


Is it time?

The insane speed at which the Internet moves doesn’t make keeping your updated site easy, but when you stay up to date and reap the rewards of being current you’ll feel the result in accounting and in the bounce rate.


Does your site need a redesign or a redress? Contact us today, we can help!

Original article published April 13, 2013 by Kay Ackerman on exploreb2b.com.

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