Google Plus Increases Cover Photo Size

Google released a pretty “sizeable” update to the Google Plus platform—of which you probably didn’t notice since it is on Google+ after all. Sarcasm aside, a simple post by Google’s own, Sara McKinley, broke the news last Wednesday (March 6, 2013).

According to her post, Google is listening to “our” feedback and providing the updates we’ve been asking for. The updates include:

  • A new local reviews tab
  • An easier interface for editing your info
  • Bigger (huge really) cover photos with a better aspect ratio


Just how big is it?

The new cover photos—for both business and personal pages—can be up to 2120 pixels wide by 1192 pixels high, which is a 16:9 image ratio—waaaay bigger than they used to be. The logic behind the change is so “way more images can be used as cover photos, and there’s more room for your selection to shine.” The images are massive. As in, 80% of the screen massive—yikes.

Do you have to change? Not yet; but lets assume you did, otherwise this post would be pointless.

The increased image size creates branding challenges, especially for merged Google + Business pages. Where you used to have complete control over the branding in your cover image, there are now 3 different “versions” (more like views) of your cover image that will be visible to the public, depending on where they are on your Google+ Business page.



  • Scrolling all of the way up (on any tab) is the only way a visitor can see your entire cover photo.
  • Landing on the “Posts” tab hides the top third of your cover photo.
  • Landing on the “About” tab or scrolling down on the Google+ page will display only the bottom sliver of your image. The profile image will adjust as well.


What do you think?

Do you like the change? Let us know in the comments. Need a cover image for your page? Contact us; we can help.

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