Facebook Introduces Graph Seardh

Facebook’s Graph Search and Privacy

Each time there is an enhancement to Facebook, the first question on everyone’s mind is privacy and security. When Facebook’s new Graph Search function was announced on January 15, 2013, it was certainly mine. I am one of those people that takes particular care in what people can view on my profile page and set my security levels accordingly; so will this new “innovation” undo all of that?

Turns out the answer is NO. So far, it seems, that Facebook’s engineers have taken all of that into consideration. This official Facebook video (below) does a nice job of illustrating-how Graph Search will work once it is released to the masses (as of today it is still in “limited beta”); the video also provides a reminder on how to set basic security levels in and around your account.


For additional information or to sign up for beta testing; visit Facebook’s Graph Search page. You can also read “How Privacy Works with Graph Search” on facebook.com.

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