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What Social Media Service

What Social Networks Should My Brand Be On?

I came across a really good article on Likeable Media the other day. The author does a great job breaking down what small and very small business owners may want to consider when thinking about their business, brand or product’s social media strategy.

The $64,000 Question: “What networks should my brand be on?”

All some a few? A tough question to answer with out any thought; so as the author suggests; lets considering these three preliminaries first; your answer and perhaps your plan will become clear.

1. Is my target demographic on this network? Do I have any proof that if I were to join and allocate resources that my brand would get in front of my customer base? If you’re looking at Facebook, of course, the answer is almost always yes because Facebook runs the gamut as far as demographic goes. However, if your target demographic is boys age 15 – 25, you likely shouldn’t spend time on Pinterest even though it’s a huge revenue driver for brands, because you just won’t get the same impact as other networks.

2. What are people using this network for? Will my brand add value to the space or will it clutter? The last thing you want to do is become a nuisance to your customers. Brands should always be cognizant of how people are actually using certain sites. For example, proactively reaching out to someone on Twitter is a common best practice to engage new followers. However, if a brand writes on someone’s personal wall or comments on a post, that’s just creepy.

3. Do I actually have the time and resources? Ultimately, it all comes down to manpower. It often looks much worse for a brand to be an absentee landlord on a social account vs. not having one at all. If you are going to commit to an account, you should be prepared to check it regularly and update content so your user knows you’re there. If you don’t have the time, focus your energy on an amazing presence on one network, prove its success, and then gradually build marketing to be able to expand into those other sites.


Do you need help with you social media efforts?

Drop us a line, perhaps we can help get your brand or business up-and running a social marketing program today.

This post references an article by Carrie Tylawsky that appeared on on February 6, 2013

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