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Considering Tumblr? Perhaps You Should

Among the more prominent social networks, Tumblr is often overshadowed by Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. However, as the old adage goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and when leveraged properly, the network can prove to be social gold.

Brands like Coca-ColaAmerican Express OPEN ForumLand Rover, and Target have jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, successfully solidifying their presence on the network. In addition, as AdWeek recently reported, Champs Sports is including its Tumblr URL in their TV spots and digital ads during the NBA Playoffs while Cole Haan is including its Tumblr address in a series of NYC subway ads without mention of any other social networks. What are these brands seeing that you’re not?

See below for four reasons why Tumblr should be included in your content strategy:


1. Creative Freedom

More than any other network, Tumblr is truly a blank canvas. Video, photo, gif, long form content, short form content–you name it and you can do it on Tumblr! It’s the perfect network to create a brand narrative to share with your consumer and cultivate a niche following, big or small. Check out Target Style’s On the Dot or Whole Food’s online magazine Dark Rye for inspiration.


2. Tumblr Is Cool

According to a recent study released by Survata, Tumblr is as (or may be even more) popular among 15-25 year-olds as Facebook. Teens and young adults are not exactly thrilled that their parents and extended family are on Facebook and are turning to Tumblr for greater creative expression far away from the scrutiny of Mom and Dad. So if this is, or will be, an important target demo for your brand, Tumblr is a must. Adidas Neo is an excellent example of a teen-focused brand taking advantage of Tumblr through the use of vibrant imagery featuring spokeswoman Selena Gomez.


3. Your Competition Is Likely Not There…Yet

Compared to other top networks, Tumblr is far less saturated with brands vying for the attention of network users. Now is the time to establish your brand’s presence on Tumblr and build your community, before your competitors beat you to it.


4. Tumblr Ads

In addition to its desktop ad offering, Tumblr recently rolled out mobile advertising for both its iOS and Android apps. The ads seamlessly integrate with surrounding content, including a dollar sign denoting that it’s paid content. This new mobile offering will provide brands with an even greater opportunity to reach their target, especially younger consumers who are very active on mobile. Learn more about Tumblr ads here.

Is your brand on Tumblr? Why or why not? Share in the comments below! Need help setting up a Tumblr account for your business or brand? Contact us today, we can help!


Image courtesy of Tumblr. Article republished by Tiffany Hopkins, May 9, 2013 via 4 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Reconsider Tumblr.

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